Who We Are

We love ska-punk. Maybe that sounds like a silly way to say who we are, but, to be honest, it’s probably the most important part of who we are. That’s the fact that’s behind the site, but, for most of us, that’s what drives our identity/ies and our life/lives away from Bananatown as well. We’re ska and ska-punk fans, and we’re here to share and celebrate the music we love. When we say “music”, by and large, we mean ska-punk music, ska music, and/or punk music.

Where have we been?

It was never meant to be this long. We were working on a new site years ago, when our old one got hacked and we had to shut it down. Stuff happened with the site, and it took longer than we expected to sort it out – so we decided to stop everything and go again from the beginning. Our plan is that we won’t need to build again for a long time.

In the middle of that, stuff happened to us and our lives as well. It’s been a bit nuts. Thanks for sticking with us, and, if you’re new, you’re really welcome here. We’re stoked to have this rad new site. It’s taken its time, but we wanted this to be something we can all enjoy and be really proud of. We’re really happy that it’s been worth all the work that’s gone in, and we hope you are as well.

What We Do

We write about music. We share music, and our writing about music, on our social channels, and we chat about music. We write about the music we love because we love it, because we want to share it and we want you to love it too.

We write about music as music fans, and not as journalists, bloggers, vloggers or academics. It’s meant to sound like it’s written from the pit, and that’s usually because it is. We review things that we like – we’re not here to make ourselves look cool (we don’t care), to spread our opinion (more our love).

This might mean that Bananatown sometimes reads a bit like an advert. It’s probably meant to, sort of. If we didn’t like something we just wouldn’t write about it. When we do like something, we let ourselves get excited about it, because it’s real. We don’t pretend not to be excited about things we do like, or try to act cool around stuff we do like: we just lay it out how it is.